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  1. I logged into fortuna started my mission , my k drive bigger away.. Soo I had to go with archwing , I Pressed my energy restore key bind.. AMD The game crashed ( I did it a several times Because I didnt realize that The game crashed Because of that )

  2. Dude ive been watching you and i have to say fuck you really. You are always complaining about DE and i have the same criticisams of course but then you go and suck that EA cock for the anthem a game that will suck mango donkey dick, why are you doig this. Of course fortuna is going to be broken at launch what are you expecting from team of 100 people these guys aint as big as rockstar lets say. These guys are putting their soul into warframe and you are telling that they dont deserve praise for fortuna? A full fledged expansion in a free to fucking play game? Get your shit togheter you fucking idiot and when anthem comes out broken with abilty to walk being monitised i expect your ass to critisise the ever living shit out of them. And i dont really think that you understand how this world works it aint perfect it aint never gonna be. So dont expect perfection and be like uh oh mommy its not perfect i glitched to the door uh oh they dont deserve praise
    Fuck you
    And go suck some more ea cock

  3. Zo ive played through most of the fortuna story intro, i havent come across any bugs i think, and the elevator works nicely.
    Map design 11/10

    I love it all. This'll keep me busy for months just for the sake of cruising the map

  4. how do u think bugs get fixed?, it's by discovering them first when a small team is working on the game not many bugs will be discovered, but when u ship it a lot will be discovered due to the amount of the players that are playing it.

  5. yeah i know all buggy mess, broken stuff, etc, etc ,etc, but how are they gonna detect and fix the bugs without the more than 60.000 "test players" feedback?? there are not even 300 ppl at DE than can do the playtest for the updates to come out…i'm not really defending them, but that's how it allways been. Complaining at this point is pointless honestly, this is their bussiness model and it won't change because is safe for them…

  6. There’s a bug in the plain seem happens here too:
    If you go into the open world section of the game and do the order: get in aw, get out, pop the operator out (energy or mobility), then get back into the frame, the mouse sensitivity get sky rocket while in the option, it looks like what you have chosen.

  7. Why do you still eat in this restaurant then bruv I think this update is just cool cuz no more lotus is eudico I want these same vague concept stuff for PoE too

  8. Not my channel but only my opinion.. I think you're doing your fans a disservice you should stop covering warframe since you obviously no longer enjoy the game

  9. It seems when you update the game immediately you are more likely to experience bugs. I haven't experienced any bugs whatsoever. I know we hate bugs but remember PC players are the beta testers.

  10. -Bugs are easier to spot if hundreds of people are playing, that's why they try to fix it on the first week. When a game crash you should always send the report, that makes so much easier to fix anything.
    -This game is P2P, which servers?

  11. Idk why you are always complaning about DE job, if you're not happy playing Warframe anymore, stop playing it, I'm taking away my suscribe to your chanel , GL !

  12. It's like telling DE to beat the syht out of triple a games yeah I do agree at some point but basically we are "beta testers"for pc (40 severs on Fortuna on first day? Hay no biggie)

  13. There are bugs and huge lag spikes, but there is major performance problem like stuttering, fps drops, too much exposre of white, mine dropped from solid 120fps to 45-50, changing setting to lower doesn't help much, it's clearly not optimized and they said it's gonna be better optimized than poe.


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