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We Are #Venom. 10.5.18

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

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Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed
Scott Haze
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    Before you read this you guys might think I’m crazy on drugs or whatever, but I really want you think about what I’m saying in this comment. – This relates to the illuminati and Eminem. Now in the movie venom,"Venom is inside of Eddy Brock right… like venoms actual voice is inside his head." Now the song,
    "My Darling” made by Eminem in 2009 says..
    "I just jump from outta nowhere and bite prey and sink my teeth in 'em, and fill 'em Full of poison" — Venom is a poison, just another word for venom… And remember in venom
    when Tom hardy looked in his bathroom mirror and his car reflection and saw venoms reflection. Saying hello eddy, look at me.. Do I look real?. well look at this lyric from "My Darling" So at night before I sleep, I look in the mirror the mirror grows lips and
    it whispers: "Come nearer!" And also remember how Venom was saying to Tom hardy, "Eddie I can’t leave you, you are my host, if you die I die, and Venom himself also possesses Tom hardy… like actual controls him with strength mind and speed. Now in the song "My darling" look at the main chorus…“My darling, I don't ever want you to leave me, my darling”
    “You and me were meant to
    be together, my darling”
    “And if I cannot have
    you, no one can, you're my darling” (you’re my host)
    “Cause I possess your
    soul, your mind, your heart and your body” (muscles, strength, body)“I don't ever want you to
    leave me, my darling” (you are too good of a host Eddy – I want to stay)Now what would make Sony what to have Eminem partner with this movie and have him sing for the motion picture of this movie? And now finally to top it all off… I’m not sure if anyone knows about this.. But when Tom Hardy first went into that science lab where he first got possessed by venom. He was literally wearing an illuminati shirt. I swear to god rewind the movie and go back to the science lab yourself… it was a shirt with a pyramid and an eye in the middle of it with horns sticking out. What would make the producers and director make him wear a shirt with a pyramid and eye in the middle of it? Like come on… guys we need to all wake up. Isn’t it funny how he first got possessed by venom (which Eminem refers to as a demon in “my Darling”while in a illuminati shirt…Marshal Mathers is the human being, Eminem was the Rap name he came up with, but slim shady… maybe Slim shady is marshals’ venom (demon/symobite) I think Hollywood and the music industry are defiantly hiding something dark.