Warframe (Fortuna) — Riven Disposition Changes (Buffs & Nerfs)

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Warframe (Fortuna) — Riven Disposition Changes (Buffs & Nerfs)

With the introduction of Fortuna we see some changes to Riven Disposition which will affect the stats of all existing riven mods.
You can find a full list of changes and the reasoning behind the changes on the official Warframe forums.

Some weapons got buffed, some got nerfed and sentinel weapons will be removed from the riven drop chance pool so I would get one for each before the prices get to high.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. As a collector and as trader I don't mind the changes, but I understand how some players feel. About two weeks ago one player was trying to buy Tiberon riven, he offered about 12k, I refused, my riven is a collectors item, nearly perfect. Anyway, I liked this, he was very passionate about Tiberon, he told me he had rolled dozens of rivens looking for his groll, he said he was closing to a grand total of three thousand rolls, and nothing close to the riven he wanted. Last week he wrote to me again, he finally did it, he rolled a groll, it was very good, CC/MS/DMG/-Zoom, all three stats with very high values. You could tell how happy he was, and now, not a week after, his riven just lost about 17% of its power. I haven't spoke to him, but as soon as hear about the dispo changes I thought poor guy, he couldn't enjoy his riven for more than week after all that sacrifice.

    On the other hand the system fails at a conceptual level, you say you want monthly updates, well, that is a bat shit crazy idea, there are weapons that are used only bc of its high dispo, but with regular updates they won't ever seen use, as soon as a weapon sees some usage they will get nerfed and then stop being used, look at buzlok, that required a groll to perform and compete, now it doesn't and those who were trying to get a riven for it are now discouraged. Monthly updates means that getting punished for enjoying your weapons, regardless of how good they are.

    There is a lot more to be said about this topic, but this isn't the place. The important thing is that dispo changes alone are toxic, weapon buffs for lower tiers are required, if a weapon can't function without a riven, atm nobody is going to invest on it, when is the next rebalance coming out? A better question, will players avoid using some weapons to protect the dispo? This is a mess, broken but functional is better than broken and unpredictable.

  2. i am a little confused about something……..some of the weapons they "nerfed" werent just OP . yes they were kinda op but in CERTAIN situation and not multi-tasking one shotting beasts at every mission type and versus every faction. and its a good thing when you look at it from the point of "yay my weapon that i really like is getting buffed and i am happy for it" and a little bad when you consider that the weapons that got tuned down will be useless overtime and will need to get tuned up (buffed) or will be forgotten…. i just realised something. its a great idea of a never ending cycle that will push players to try other weapons.

  3. I do understand the rage. It also happens with weapons and warframes. I almost quited the game after the last ember nerf. I had spent so many hours building her, many (bought with plats) formas until I reached the build I wanted and a few weeks later it was all for nothing, because they nerfed everything I designed my build for. I never felt so many hate of a game in my life at that time.

  4. Some of these comments are horrifically brain dead.
    "Leyzar remake your videos now" — No, give leyzar your account so he can continue to play for you instead because you do not have a brain.
    "My God Tier weapon is useless now" — Yeh now it will go from killing lvl 150s in a few seconds to a few more milliseconds! Omg call the pope! Burn the house down! It's the end times!

    Fucking sheep ._.

  5. Let that be a lesson, don't build around a riven, it's a nice bonus when you have 1. Honestly I would rather see them end rivens all together, nurf them into the ground so people melt them to get thier Endo back, and just make the weapons better that suck.

  6. I agree with what DE did, in fact rivens should have only been for unpopular weapons only not for all weapons. And another reason was what u said earlier about the market, I saw a guy selling a sobek riven for 1500 p, now it was good but the price was RIDICULOUS. Nothing in this game should be sold for no more than 500 Plat and that's why they putting a stop to it. I saw a guy selling 1 for 3500p, DE needs to monitor the trade system big time and add a maximum cap on how much something should be sold for because people will take advantage of others, especially the new player.

  7. Hahah — Leyzar, awesome video as per usual. I find it kind of adorable you expect people to be rational in their response and ask them to curb their anger and to stop thinking their Rivens are 'useless' now.

    You do realize that a majority of the people that invest into the gambling system known as Rivens are people that literally believe that if they can't min/max break the game to the point a literal coma patient could succeed, they think it's all useless right?

    There's no way DE could ever please these kinds of people unless the only changes DE ever added to the game were literal 'press to win' buttons.

  8. Now I know this is a dumb question coz I know the answer but maybe someone has gotten around it but I play on console I've grinded out alot of hours and sadly alot of money into warframe I've moved to pc and I'd love to know if you guys think DE would be able to carry stuff over?