Warframe: How to play Atlas 2018 One punch Build!

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Thanks for checking out this how to play video on the warframe known as Atlas, Have fun one punching everything!!

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  1. man I am new to this game and the only thing that makes me amazed when I watch veteren players is that they prefer health over shields although that shields recharge auto while health do not why?

  2. You can use your second ability to taxi yourself
    If you cast wall then come in front of it then recast, it moves you
    I do it when I'm extremely bored xD

  3. I find high duration with the augment and efficiency mods is better….fight in tight boxes and your combo goes up, while your stone paths petrify enemies for free, without having to cast your expensive 3rd ability as much. Then use a zaw…exodies effect your 1st ability so use Exodia force and your punches will arc to other enemies with status effects….I use acrid or gas weapons to create status patches… condition overload is big for this as well.

  4. 15th comment i love your vids flynn carry on doing what you are doing and follow your dreams. you helped me in dark ane hard times so appreciate everthing youve done

  5. I am confused, you say rivens don't affect Landslide. Then you show how much damage you get from a riven combined with Primed Pressure Point.

  6. No matter the build based upon the current state of the game. Atlas sucks beyond belief and you know it. He doesn’t need rework. He needs to be removed. Along with Revenant, Mirage, 2800 Mods, and etc.

  7. How to play atlas
    1. Turn things into stone
    2. Punch them
    3. Use Rumblers if extra support is needed/wanted

    That's how I do it anyway


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