Warframe: How To Play Banshee 2018 Resonance & Sound quake!

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Here is my how to play video for the Warframe Banshee!

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  1. ummm…..(watches long time veteran youtube partner not place mods correctly in polarity slots to free up the Exilus slot)…..yeah we'll just pretend that didn't happen…. seriously though, thanks for your thoughts on a current Resonance build….

  2. Shouldn't you be able to fit an exilus into the 2nd build for sound quake? Put blind rage in your bottom left V slot, then put fleeting expertise in your top right — slot, then in the unpolarized slot (where blind rage is currently), put streamline (which this build would allow to be maxed out).

    I have almost this exact same build that I copied off someone on Youtube, and I have all the same mods and polarities as you, but I have power drift in my exilus, and all my mods are maxed out (well, they can be maxed out, not done maxing them yet).