King Billy Cokebottle — Roadside Breath Test

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Comedian King Billy Coke Bottle shares his thoughts on the government King Billy

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  1. Morton his gusin got caught up in that bad duststorm that blanketed the red centre some 5 years ago and sent red dirt as far as Sydney thru strong westerly gail winds. he was later found covered in dust as thin as talc…. wriggling out from underneath the red earth he was found close to an old uranium mine near the historical Bitchagubba Landcouncil area. Some brothers found him digging his way out of the thin red and yellow glittering dust/sand……. he remarked to some passing tribeman "How ya Glowin brother " ?

  2. King Billy Coke bottle (real name Louis Beers) is an Australian comedian. He is controversial because he is a white person who puts on blackface to make jokes about Aboriginal Australians. The origin of the 'Coke bottle' in his stage name dates back to when he played football with a mostly Aboriginal team. An Aboriginal friend performed a 'blood brother' ritual on Louis, using a broken coke bottle.